Honeymoon shower!!!  

Hello my dear family & friends! 

So many of the ladies are getting an invite in the mail from us for a HONEYMOON SHOWER – they should arrive any day!

What is a honeymoon shower? Well, instead of wine glasses and rice cookers, we are asking you to contribute to our honeymoon to make it ultra special! 

I know it sounds strange (and fun!) but Drew and I have never been to Europe, we have never taken a 2 week vacation and we already have plenty of household stuff. This shower gives you an opportunity to help us see historic castles, get guided tours through Morocco, make Portuguese tiles in Lisbon, spend an evening drinking Port in Porto and so much more. And if you’re not ok with buying us that or think it’s strange to just give cash… we could always use fun travel accessories like the decompression bags, outlet adapters, power banks, etc… So we travel in style and with ease. 

It’s fun! 

Check out our honeymoon link on this website to see the honey fund registry. 

We thank you all so much! Xoxo!

Here is a photo of Drew and I from Ocotber 2015 when we went to Montreal! It’s one of my favorites – we had so much fun that weekend!

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