Honeymoon Details

Portugal & Morocco.. here we come!

We have everything we need for our house so we are asking our friends and family to contribute to our honeymoon because as you may have guessed, we have never been to Europe and we never take two weeks off for a vacation! The link below highlights our ideal vacation – wine in Porto, private tours in Lisbon, wandering the medina of Morocco and Bernice’s favorite – a tile class where we will learn how to make authentic Portuguese Tile.

You can contribute to our honeymoon here: https://www.honeyfund.com/wedding/Drewandbernice

Lastly, if the honeymoon fund feels insanely weird and you want to buy us something… we ask you shop local at Room, Ro’ and Fern & Arrow or offer your assistance to help us with Cat Sitting or a ride to the Toronto Airport for our honeymoon!

Thank you so very much!